We live in a turbulent world, our country is at crossroads, and some say the Grand Old Party is searching for its identity.

Meanwhile, America faces threats from many angles. Islamofascism terrorists hide in our shadows. Rogue nations continue to pursue nuclear weapons with no repercussions. Foreign manufacturers play by different rules, devaluing our dollar, stealing our jobs and hurting our economy.

While these issues seem insurmountable at times, we know - from experience – America and her people can overcome anything when we build policies - and act decisively - on the principles of our conservative, Republican values.

Contrary to what some skeptics say, the Republican Party doesn’t need to search for its identity. We know who we are. We’re conservatives. It is our philosophy that brought down the Berlin Wall and saved the world from the tyranny of communism.

Truly we live in defining times. Every decision made over the next four years will impact the course of world history. But as a banker, I understand numbers, and I know that no matter how right, how thought-through, our ideas are, if we come up short on Election Day, it just doesn’t matter.

The democrat party is doing a great job of inspiring new voters and expanding their numbers. As a member of the Republican National Committee, I’d be in a unique position to build the bridges our party needs to expand our vision and our base.

Compromising our values will never be my solution. Reaching out to new Republican voters and expanding our base is the only long term solution. That’s what I will work for, and I hope I can count on your support.


“I‘ve got the experience, energy, support, and personal commitment to be a strong voice for our fundamental Republican values. I hope I can count on you to stand with me during this defining time for our party.”