1. Our Platform Reflects Our Identity.
Compromising our values is not an acceptable - or successful - path to victory. When Republicans act and speak like Democrats, on election day, voters choose Democrats.

2. Cultivating The Next Generation
Increasing information, financial, and political support for Teenage, College, and Young Republicans on a nationwide level is a long term investment. It’s time to treat these valuable Republican auxiliaries more like a farm team in baseball and less like they’re the kiddie table at Thanksgiving.

3. Build Bridges to New Voters
New and diverse voters don’t want us to say “whatever we think they want to hear”. Instead we must treat them with honesty, emphasizing the dignity that the conservative message offers. Bridges built on truth and friendship last. Others don’t.

4. Cyber Cents
The internet is quickly emerging as a lower cost way to raise money from a highly motivated set of donors. Howard Dean, Ron Paul, and Barack Obama have this in common: they’ve figured out that by using the internet to raise money, small donors make a very big difference over time.